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Association Loi 1901

Publication au Journal Officiel sous la référence 964 en date du 28 Juillet 2001

  What is the Auld Alliance? 46 ter rue Sainte Catherine F-45000 Orléans

The goal of the Association is to allow the largest number of people to know or rediscover the Old Alliance between France and Scotland, to keep alive and develop friendship links between the two nations through cultural, eductional and historical actions.

"The Auld Alliance has not been written on a ewe skin parchment, but engraved on human skin, traced not in ink but in blood ". Alain Chartier, 15th century .

"In every combat where, for five centuries, the destiny of France was at stake, there were always men of Scotland to fight side by side with men of France". Charles de Gaulle, Edinburgh, 1942

The history of the old alliance between France and Scotland, better known as the “Auld Alliance”, is unique in the history of nations because there is no equivalence in terms of duration and intensty.

The formal part of this alliance is mainly linked to a succession of military treaties, renewed reign after reign (20 times between 1326 and 1558). The culmination was during the Hundred Years War and particularly with the Scots troops who disembarked at la Rochelle (up to 30 000 soldiers) in the period 1419-1429 and played a major role, beside the dauphin Charles and Joan of Arc, in the recovery of the French territory.

But in 1295, date of the oldest treaty recorded in Paris National Archives, the name was already “Auld Alliance”, and this shows that this alliance was far older. Some historians claim that it went back to the VIII th century with Charles Martel and Charlemagne.

This alliance also had cultural and commercial aspects. The Scottish students came to French universities such as Paris, Orléans, Bourges, Montpellier, and the first Scottish universities, Saint Andrews and Aberdeen, were designed upon French university model.

 By the XVIth century and through general letters of naturality, granted by kings of France and kings of Scots, French and Scots living abroad had dual nationality.

Scotland was at that time one of the major commercial partners of France, especially regarding the Bordeaux wine called “Claret”, and had a low tax status.

Nowadays France is a major commercial partner for Scotland especially concerning Scotch Whisky.

Over the centuries and still today, France and Scotland have enjoyed strong connections, recently demonstrated by numerous French and Scottish twined towns.

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